‘How Dangote Fertiliser would impact food security’

‘How Dangote Fertiliser would impact food security’

Agriculture | Sep 3, 2020 07:03am | FORUM 234 Connect |

Overuse and non-replenishment of farmland by small-scale farmers while they lack the capacity and resources for organic agriculture have constituted a barrier to the food productivity of farmers per hectare in the country.

Also, imported or most locally blended organic fertiliser brands are still relatively expensive for the resource-poor farmers. Hence, the coming into the industry by Dangote Group, it is believed, would make a big difference.

Therefore, the Federal Government has explained that Dangote Fertiliser Limited, which is ready for inauguration, is crucial to the green alternative agenda aimed at boosting food security in the country. The construction of the fertiliser plant has been fully completed and is set for commissioning in the next few months.

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