How KHP Connect Competition Works

Oct 7, 2019 12:20pm | khp |


A: How does KHP connect work?

We are doing everything possible to provide straight forwardness and transparency to our members. The money we generate from ads revenue and products and services ads is used to pay our members. Reading our breaking news, By inviting their friends, you are helping us build traffic to our site and increasing ads revenue. You are also increasing exposure to our sponsors’ products, increasing sponsor relations across our websites. While we empower you with money to help you start any Small Business of your Choice Or Expand your Existing Business or Pay your School Fees or House Rent or Hospital Bills and Feeding Etc. We are also using this platform to Empower Users who would be interested (“in” or “is”) looking for money to start these businesses: Fish Farming, Snail Rearing, Piggery, Chicken Growing, Crops Farming, Tailoring Or any other business which N100,000, or its equivalent can start.


There are three ways to earn money from KHP connect. 1. You earn signup bonus of N10,000 by joining KHP connect. 2. You earn money by inviting friends to join KHP connect each friend you invite with your referral link you earn N4,000 if the person will signup. 3. You earn money by answering all our 5 different questions, you earn N10,000 for each question you answer correctly.


You get paid when you reach the minimum payment amount which is N100,000

D: If you have any more question, kindly contact us at

  1. Once you have registered: It will take you to your account which will be showing the blog posts of the forum. On the left side bar will show

A: HOME: Is where all the design for the content above will be showing.

B: REFER AND EARN: It will display how you earn money such as:

If you refer one friend and the person signs up with your referral link, you earn N4,000 and you are expected to refer 10 friends to earn N40,000

C: ANSWER QUESTIONS: You have 5 different questions to answer about BUSINESS, SPORTS, FASHION, ENTERTAINMENT, AND ONE QUESTION FROM OUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS. Each question you answer correctly, you earn N10,000

D: MY ACCOUNT: Member’s account details such as Full Name, Country, State, Username, Telephone Number, Email Address And Profile Picture.

E: PAYMENTS: How much earned and how; for example: number of friends referred, questions answered correctly.