Rotary urges Nigerians to donate blood

Rotary urges Nigerians to donate blood

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President, Rotary Club of Palmgrove Estate, Jayashankar Nalode, has appealed to Nigerians to cultivate the habit of donating blood, saying this will go a long way in saving lives.

He said this at a blood donation camp organised by the Indian Cultural Association, in conjunction with the Association of Indian Professionals, Rotary Club of Palmgrove Estate, Rotary Club of Lagos Island and Lagos State Blood Transfusion Committee.

The camp was held in commemoration of the 150th birthday of Mahatma Ghandi and 59th Independence of Nigeria, at the High Commission of India, Lagos.

According to him, though Nigeria’s estimated blood need is about 1.8 million units yearly, voluntary blood donation is relatively low.

He said the state Blood Transfusion Committee has only been able to generate about 40 per cent of blood required in Lagos.

Nalode noted that Nigeria falls under the category of insufficient blood as blood is usually not available when needed for most patients.

He lamented that due to inadequate supply of blood, most women die at child birth, adding that of 10 pregnant women, three will need blood at child birth. Although he said Nigerians religiously feel that they should not donate blood, and some believe that giving blood means given something out from their body, it is a wrong belief.

Last year, Nalode said, Rotary donated about 2, 000 pints of blood.  ‘’We are looking at doing 3, 000 pints  this year so that we can help in our little way to address the short supply of blood.

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He stated that there were benefits of donating blood, adding that whatever you give would come back as the blood regenerate itself.

“It is very healthy to donate blood as the blood will replenish in few hours. You feel healthier,” he said.

The Indian Cultural Association President, Chief Sanjay Jain, said the camp was also aimed at emulating the efforts of Mahatma Ghandi, the father of India, who was committed to a life of communal services, hard work, sincerity and service.

’We are committed to the cause of serving humanity and blood donation is an essential part of it. We are the largest blood donation organisation in Nigeria. We constitute 80 per cent of voluntary blood donors in Lagos.We are committed and proud of it. We have consistently run blood donation camps. This is our fifth donation camp. Our pints of blood save three lives and it is used directly for blood transfusion and for other illnesses,” Jain added.


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