Why I don’t make dresses for celebrities who speak ‘English’ – Mercy Aigbe’s Tailor, CEO Luminee

Why I don’t make dresses for celebrities who speak ‘English’ – Mercy Aigbe’s Tailor, CEO Luminee

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Popular celebrity designer, Abiodun Folashade Tokunbo, the CEO of Anjy Luminee Couture, also known as House of Luminee has revealed why many of her A-clients are major actors from the Yoruba movie genre.

CEO Luminee in a chat with Seye Kehinde also disclosed that she did not learn to tailor from anyone!

“When God gives you talents from heaven then it makes things easy for you because I didn’t learn this, Nobody can come out and lay claims to the fact that I once learned to tailor from him or her. It was a gift from God. Most times when I have plans of making a particular design after cutting, I end up getting another masterpiece. I can’t even explain where the inspiration comes from.  I even get really surprised at some of my designs after adding one or two things together, it always turns out beautiful and they end up looking like clothes designed from abroad.

Most of my clients don’t choose designs for me, they only give me fabric and have trust in what I will make out of those fabrics. So, it is just God’s gift right from when I was little.

My mum had always wanted me to be a Lawyer but she didn’t have any idea of what I have on my head, but I feel more free and comfortable with my dad around, he allows me to exhibit my talent, I pick teddy bears and make clothes with newspaper gradually my interest started growing more from there I moved to Lagos, I use (Okirika) fairly used clothes to learn more about how clothes are been made abroad and that was how I perfected my sewing.

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